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The Laufenberg Quarterly website provides analysis of economic conditions by Consulting Economist Daniel E. Laufenberg, Ph.D., for professionals in the financial industry. At the core of this analysis is the Laufenberg Economic Quarterly (LEQ), which offers a detailed discussion of the outlook for the U.S. economy that is updated four times a year.

Economic Commentary & Perspectives

The website also provides regular commentary on various economic data releases, as well as an occasional comment on markets. This is most often updated during the months between the quarterly.

Special Reports:

Occasionally, I will post to the website more detailed reports on various changes in policy, structure, or regulation, focusing on their impact on the economic outlook.

In the September 26, 2015 issue of the LQ Economic Forecast:

"The waiting game continues"

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announced earlier this month that it will leave its federal funds rate target at its current level of near zero for now. I was not surprised based on recent comments from policymakers but I was still disappointed. According to the FOMC statement following its policy meeting, they were concerned about recent international and financial developments restraining economic activity rather than any hard evidence that the U.S. economic expansion was being derailed. In fact, with the U.S. economy operating at or very near full employment and with inflation risk still subdued, I thought they missed an opportunity to start normalizing interest rates without creating a huge financial backlash. Also, the FOMC essentially added a new twist to its policy reaction function, thus raising the question of what it will take to convince the FOMC to retreat from a policy stance that seems more appropriate for an economy in the depth of a financial crisis than in the seventh year of an expansion.

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