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Links to Online Economic Resources

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Bureau of Economic Analysis
  The BEA website provides valuable information about the pace of general economic activity, including gross domestic product, consumer spending, and profits for all U.S. corporations.

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
  The Federal Reserve Board of Governors website provides valuable information about monetary policy decisions, credit markets, and banking regulation. It also provides information about industrial production.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
  The BLS website provides valuable information about the various measures of inflation, such as the consumer price index and the producer price index, as well as labor productivity and costs.

St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank--FRED
  The FRED pages on the St. Louis FRB website provide historical data for numerous economic and financial variables in a format that allows the user to download the data series to Excel spreadsheets for easier analysis.
Congressional Budget Office
  The CBO website provides helpful analysis and information about the federal budget, including projections of the budget balance and analysis of the impact of new legislation on the budget.

Bloomberg Economic Calendar
  Bloomberg's EconoDay service provides the release dates of several economic reports and has links to extended information on each report.

















The views expressed here reflect the views of Daniel Laufenberg as of the date referenced. These views may change as economic fundamentals and market conditions change. This commentary is provided as a general source of information only and is not intended to provide investment advice for individual investor circumstances. Past performance does not guarantee future results.


For a complete listing of all data releases, please go to Bloomberg's Calendar of Economic Reports (click here).